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Strategically lower your equipment costs


Our pre-owned machines are an effective way to lower your operating costs while still maintaining high equipment reliability. When you incorporate used equipment into your fleet, you can add throughput capacity AND meet your targeted capital cost goals.


Also, if you have idle or under-utilized equipment that is placing excess burden on your cost structure, we can help broker any machines that no longer fit in your mine plan.

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Component Exchange Program

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Quickly trade-out critical components

You can only achieve your production goals if your machines remain in operation. Minimize your machine downtime and lower your costs by using our exchange components as a regular part of your maintenance program. Consider these advantages of using exchange components:


  • Limited downtime: downtime is limited to the time required to replace the failed component, compared to the duration of a full repair
  • Limited inventory: the need to carry costly inventory is eliminated
  • Reduced component costs: the costs can be significantly less expensive than a new component
  • New warranty: your exchange component comes with a OEM-backed warranty
  • Newest technology: remanufactured exchange components meet original equipment specifications and incorporate the latest OEM design improvements
Komatsu Mining Part

Easily locate needed parts

We can help you quickly find the used parts you require. Our continuously maintained listing of used parts lets you know immediately if we have the parts you need in stock.

Komatsu Mining Part

Be assured of both quality and functionality

Our highly trained technicians inspect and qualify all the pre-owned parts in our inventory. Since these are our own OEM parts, we can guarantee perfect compatibility with your P&H equipment.

Komatsu Mining Part

Get access to our experts

Our team of used parts experts will guide you through the selection and purchasing processes. If your purchase requires specialized technical information, we can tap into the extensive knowledge base present in our organization.

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