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What about Used Equipment?

Is KOMTRAX equipped on used Komatsu equipment?

KOMTRAX is standard equipment on most Komatsu Tier-3 and all Tier IV Interim Construction machines, and it will continue to be installed standard on almost every Contruction class model change.

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What about older Komatsu machines?

KOMTRAX can be retrofitted on older machines using a 12V or 24V electrical system and provide basic information such as; location, SMR and daily operation times.

Is KOMTRAX transferrable on used Komatsu equipment?

Yes. Your local Komatsu Distributor will register and activate KOMTRAX.

How much does one hour of idling time cost?   *20 Ton Excavator
No Idling
How much does 1 Hour of Idling Time Cost?
Fuel $4.00
Depreciation $12.00
Maintenance & Repairs $6.00
Total $22.00
Working Record  ▪  Fuel Consumption  ▪  Monthly Load/Level Summaries  ▪  Maintenance Alerts  ▪  Daily Report  ▪  Monthly Status Summary